Video Marketing
Case Studies

Several thousands of brands use Shakr to make videos for their Facebook ad campaigns. Check out how these brands increased their Facebook ad KPIs and increased their results.

Explore Shakr's full suite of creative solutions.

Shakr enable advertisers to create dynamic campaigns with their product catalogs for TikTok. Create thousands of videos, each unique for your individual SKUs. 

Upload your own Adobe After Effects projects to create your master template, or let the Shakr Creative Labs team create bespoke templates just for your brand or client. 

Location based creative personalization is an incredibly powerful way for advertisers who have a regional relevance to increase the results of their campaigns. 

Whether it’s about creating hyper localized ads in the areas they operate, or call out certain cities in their ad creatives, location based creatives are proven to work.

Shakr helps you create powerful and scalable creative templates from your images and video assets by adding art direction, design and animation.

Once your creative template is done, you have unlimited access to your library of creative templates to create additional video variations and edits in minutes.


Create stunning mobile-first videos in minutes, using hundreds of ready-to-use templates.

Creative On-Demand

Receive brand-adhering, high-quality creative assets at a predictable monthly cost.

Image DPA

Transform your catalog into a ROAS machine with high-quality image assets.

Video DPA

Transform your catalog into a ROAS machine with high-quality video assets.

Dynamic Geo Ads

Serve unique video ads in all your target locations.

Dynamic Data Ads

Automatically create and serve video ads informed by real-time data sources.

Creative API & SDK

Provide white-labeled solutions for your customers or Integrate end-to-end video creation and automation at scale.

What our clients say

Shakr Local proved to be a great tool for personalizing our ads and led to a sizable decrease in our customer acquisition costs. Personalization and localization of our ads has continuously driven stronger results for our business.

Zway Yee

Head of Digital

By providing Shakr with just few static images and elements, they were able to create impactful dynamic video ads which combined with the Shakr Local solution for Facebook and Instagram drove an 18% increase in new app users.

Neha Gupta

Senior Manager

Shakr Local at Scale has provided us the features to better serve those users with location dependent dynamic creatives.

Tehbyn Nova


With the Shakr platform we are able to create amazing video content in a few clicks, and with Shakr’s outstanding support, our CPO have been reduced by 65% and our ROAS has increased by over 100%.

Yuki Wong

Marketing Manager