Case Study


Generating leads in a "boring" industry on Facebook. EasyZZP is a start-up accountancy firm for SMEs. They take over your entire bookkeeping for a fixed price per month. This year they won the Dutch national accountancy awards and they have have a 9/10 client rating. EasyZZP feature in-the-cloud bookkeeping combined with a pretty neat app to scan invoices, answer questions from your accountant, monitor company results etc, etc.

Online Service
Campaign Run

The Success

Using video ads to build custom audiences.

With a live campaign that was losing money, EasyZZP wasn't sure they could make Facebook ads work for them. But by using Shakr they decreased their Cost Per Lead with 40% to make Facebook video ads a mainstay of their lead generation strategy.


Decrease in Cost Per Lead


Decrease in Cost Per Acquisition

The Challenge

Decrease Cost Per Lead.

EasyZZP wanted to drastically decrease the Cost Per Lead (CPL) of their service via Facebook ads. They had previously tried Facebook image ads but couldn't find a profitable CPL.

We used video ads made with Shakr to warm up our prospects and then retarget the custom audience we get in the Facebook power editor with the same image ad we were using earlier. When a prospect is already aware of our brand and what services we offer, they're much more likely to convert and become a lead.

We always wanted to make video for our Facebook Ad campaigns and Shakr made it very easy to make something in minutes that looked sleek and attractive. But more importantly, we effectively cut our Cost Per Lead almost in half compared to our non-video Facebook Ads.

Rodney Pikaar‍ Marketing Manager

The Solution

Use video to build custom audiences that convert!

Through Shakr’s easy and fast video production solution, anyone can affordably produce videos. One thing that had been holding EasyZZP back for some time is that they did not have any good video content.

They used both lead ads and link ads but they found it a challenge to maintain good quality leads for the right price. They knew from experience that a good explanatory video could help them lower the average Cost-Per-Lead (and Acquisition) while maintaining good lead quality.


Create stunning mobile-first videos in minutes.