Case Study

LG Electronics

LG Electronics focuses on developing new innovations across the globe. The brand delivers products and services that make lives better, easier and happier though increased functionality and fun.

Campaign Run

The Success

Increase audience reach with weather-based creatives.

The Shakr Dynamic solution for AQI and weather ads, helped LG to successfully reach more audience with dynamic AQI/weather creatives. The creatives mainly focused on promoting relevant products: air conditioners and air purification devices, depending on the region's air/temperature status.


Increase in Click Through Rate


Increase in Video Average Watch Time


Increase in Audience Reach

The Challenge

Use dynamic campaigns to promote relevant products.

As a global brand, LG wanted to effectively and efficiently run dynamic campaigns in the Philippines region promoting relevant products depending on the locations air quality and temperature.

The Solution

Combine Shakr Dynamic Solutions to provide relevant open source data to the promoted product.

The Shakr Dynamic AQI and Weather Ads, is a combination of the Shakr Dynamic Solution with an AQI and weather open source data. This is an effective campaign solution for brands that promote product/solutions globally. The LG campaign was more successful, due to the relevancy between the promoted product and the open source data. Only with Shakr, LG could automatically produce relevant creatives and easily run a dynamic campaign.

Dynamic Data Ads

Automatically create and serve video ads informed by real-time data sources.