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Sendle is a 100% carbon neutral shipping service. Founded in 2014, Sendle's focus has always been on the success of small businesses. By unlocking the networks and volumes that are usually only available to the bigger guys, Sendle is able to provide the best prices for their customers. Sendle used Shakr Local to decrease their Cost Per Lead on Facebook and Instagram with 35%.

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The Success

Localized creatives proved to be an extremely effective marketing strategy on Facebook and Instagram for Sendle.

Compared to the control group, the localized creative drove a 35% decrease in Sendle's Cost-Per-Lead. Along with the strong business outcomes, the localized creatives increased CTR with 131% and decreased the CPC with 29%, proving that localizing your creative can have outsized results compared to the small investment.


Decrease in Cost Per Lead


Increase in Click Through Rate


Decrease in Cost Per Click

The Challenge

Decrease cost per lead with localized campaigns.

Sendle was looking for innovative ways to decrease their customer acquisition costs and got in touch with Shakr through their Facebook Account Manager. Sendle was one of the first to try Shakr Local, a solution which enables advertisers to not only create dozens or hundreds of localized creatives, but also to deployed complex scaled localized campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

Shakr Local proved to be a great tool for personalizing our ads and led to a sizeable decrease in our customer acquisition costs. Personalization and localization of our ads has continuously driven stronger results for our business and they have a clear place in any marketers toolkit. Apart from the strong performance results, collaborating with the Shakr team has been a great experience, their CSMs bring great ideas and advice to our internal team and the support has been second to none.

Zway Yee‍ Head of Digital

The Solution

Shakr local with Segment Asset Customization.

Sendle created 50 unique video creatives through Shakr, and targeted to the 50 largest cities in the US. Each creative had a unique animation and called out the city of their audience. The campaign was set up through the Shakr Local campaign creator in order to leverage Facebook's Segment Asset Customization feature, which is not natively available in the Facebook Ads Manager.

Shakr local with Segment Asset Customization enabled Sendle to customize creative assets based on the targets user's geolocation, ensuring a personalized ad experience for audiences in each unique location.

Dynamic Geo Ads

Serve unique video ads in all your target locations.