Case Study

Gadget Flow

Gadget Flow is the ultimate buyer’s guide for cool gadgets, helping you stay up to date with the latest product releases and crowdfunding projects. Whether you’re looking for baking supplies, camping gear, cutting edge tech or anything in between, Gadget Flow makes it easy to find the product or gadget you’re looking for. Gadget Flow now supports AR through their iOS App as well as VR and 3D View on a variety of their products.

Campaign Run

The Success

Gadget Flow is a fast-growing product discovery platform.

They have always tried to use innovative and creative ways to reach more people and help them find the best products on the market. In September 2017, they started using Shakr and started creating video content for their Instagram page.

Within a few months, they increased the growth of their Instagram page with 250% more followers per week and 138% more Instagram Stories views per week. They now have over 111,000 followers on Instagram and the vast majority of videos published on their page is made with Shakr.


Increase in Instagram Followers per Week


Increase in Instagram Stories Views

The Challenge

Generate awareness and engagement.

Gadget Flow found that video content was very effective when it came to generating awareness and engagement on Instagram so they decided to focus on creating video content for their Instagram. They were looking for a simplified video solution that offers video designs optimised for Instagram especially.

Shakr has helped us grow our instagram profile dramatically within months! The quality of their templates and their software are by far the best in the market.

Evan Varsamis‍ CEO

The Solution

Use video content to generate more awareness and engagement on Instagram.

Gadget Flow posts content on Instagram on an almost daily basis. They learned from experience that video content brought better results on Instagram, especially when it came to generating awareness and engagement.

With Shakr, they could quickly create video content optimised for Instagram and Instagram Stories. It helped them provide engaging and vibrant content for their followers, and as a result, they got 250% more followers per week and 138% more Instagram Stories views within a few months.

This is a very special and impressive case on account of the fact that Gadget Flow achieved this result with just video content, and not paid ads. Their Instagram is still growing rapidly.


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