Case Study


Fresh & original automotive products & content. An eclectic source of great products for automotive enthusiasts, with regularly updated original content and a strong community forum. Where gear heads go to find and buy the best and latest. Owned and operated by Korea's leading font foundry, Yoon Design.

Campaign Run

The Success

Succeeding with video ads.

Autotag uses Shakr to quickly and affordably create high quality video ad creative, on terms that work for their business. Preserving studio-quality production values while dramatically reducing video creative production costs is good business.

Spend less but get more with video ads, when compared to image ads.


Increased reach on post engagement campaigns


CPM reduction on post engagement campaigns


CPC reduction on website click campaigns


CTR increase on website click campaigns

The Challenge

Increase post engagement and website conversions.

Autotag aimed to go beyond growing brand awareness, and get results deeper down the funnel with website conversions that drive greater consumption.

While we're part of a much larger company, the Autotag team is a lot smaller and scrappier than most of our other peer groups at the design conglomerate Yoon Design. We knew marketing was important, and were particularly excited about video ads -- but we didn't think we had the time or money to engage in meaningful marketing activities.

But after attending a Tactical Video Marketing Seminar operated by Shakr at WeWork, we realized THIS IS IT! Great design, rapid creative production capabilities, and a pricing that works for a world where digital video marketing requires ad creative that is frequently refreshed. Before finding Shakr, we thought video marketing was out of reach.

Yun Jung‍ Autotag Planner

The Solution

Video ad creative designed to work on Facebook.

Succeeding with video marketing starts with staying current with the latest in video marketing trends, strategies and techniques. Shakr's blog, Video Marketing Facebook Group, seminars and workshops were a great platform for us to get up to speed, fast.

Knowing our target group was a great starting point for us. Using Facebook's advanced targeting capabilities and custom video ad creative for each customer segment, Autotag drove progressively better results with video ads that ultimately outperformed all other ads they ran.

With over 2,000 diverse templates to choose from at Shakr, Autotag was able to find just the right structure and tone & manner to craft the right message for the right customer. In particular, Autotag was successful in grabbing Facebook users' interest in the newsfeed with strong hooks in the first 3 seconds, followed by clear call to actions that drove conversions for them.


Create stunning mobile-first videos in minutes.