Case Study


A group of cutting-edge Ninjas who are well trained in the arts of fashion and technology, NinjApparel offers the best looking, best quality merchandise at affordable prices. With fulfillment centers in Europe, China, and South Africa, NinjApparel provides free shipping to every country worldwide.

Campaign Run

The Success

High video creative performance vs. static images.

NinjApparel ran a creative split test comparing carousel video versus single video and single image ads, all with the Instagram stories placement. The video carousel proved itself as the clear winner, and still image as the worst performing format.

These key metrics paint a descriptive picture of how effective video ads can be:

(* - IG stories carousel video vs IG stories single image)


Increase in Click Through Rate*


Increase in Return On Ad Spend*


Decrease in Cost Per Action*


Relevance Score

The Challenge

Winning new customers with video ads.

NinjApparel wanted to attract new users and convert them into first time buyers, in the most cost- and time effective way possible, with no compromise on creative quality.

Shakr is the best platform for video content. Completely revolutionized the way we create our content. Really love it! Our CPC and CTR have been cut in half, where else can you get so much value. The support team also goes out of their way for us. Then we get the Instagram Stories Video Content, the only word is WOW! So so impressed literally in a few clicks you have the most engaging videos.

Ben McCaughtry‍ Ninjapparel

The Solution

Carousel ads on Instagram stories, with Shakr-made vertical videos.

NinjApparel targeted a 1% purchase lookalike audience with a highly engaging video carousel on Instagram stories. The carousel ad contained 3 x 15 second vertical videos showcasing best selling products from NinjApparel.

With Shakr, NinjApparel was able to create stunningly effective and professional looking videos in minutes, just by adding their own product pictures and text description.


Create stunning mobile-first videos in minutes.