Case Study

99 Group is a leading real estate technology company that operates real estate portals across South East Asia, specializing in digital property advertising. Headquartered in Singapore, it is currently operational in Singapore and Indonesia and employs over 350 employees.

Real Estate
Campaign Run

The Success

Bespoke video templates at scale with Shakr. managed to decrease CPAs on Facebook and Instagram with 18% by including videos in their marketing campaigns. By utilizing Shakr's pre-created video templates the marketing team at could go from "Zero to one" in terms of video marketing capabilities.

They've now set the standard for Facebook creative amongst rival real estate players in Singapore. The team are now taking the next step in their Shakr journey with custom and bespoke video templates made just for them, so that they can create even better campaigns, at scale with Shakr.


Lower Cost Per Action

The Challenge

Creative advantage in a traditional industry.

Before adopting the Shakr platform, the marketing team only used static images or simple slideshows. They wanted to test if adding video to their campaigns would make a difference to their bottom line.

Creative focus in the real estate industry in Singapore has traditionally been generally low in quality but Shakr gave an easy way to beating the competition from a creative standpoint.

Shakr videos gave our brand an effortless way to beat the competition in terms of creative performance and gave us so much versatility and agility in running any campaign that came to mind.

Ashley Moey‍ Performance Marketing Specialist

The Solution

Shakr-made video templates to scale creative strategy. picked out a few video templates that had the right tempo, energy and professionalism for the real estate industry. Shakr had a treasure trove of templates to pick from and they managed to pick 2-3 templates to use to scale their entire creative strategy for promoting new condominium developments in Singapore.


Create stunning mobile-first videos in minutes.