Case Study

The Zam

The Zam is bold. The Zam is comfortable. The Zam is a lingerie brand for young women that offers a wide selection of high quality, fashionable products at accessible prices.

Campaign Run

The Success

By using Shakr, The Zam decreased their cost per result and the time they had to invest in making/editing video creative.

With rapid creation capabilities, The Zam could quickly start new campaigns, A/B test different videos, and improve their key metrics.

The attractive storytelling The Zam could accomplish by simply using video templates combined with their raw footage and savvy copywriting, led them to increase their organic reach, lower cost per result and increase brand awareness.

(* - compared with all other creatives)


Increase Return On Ad Spend*


Lower CPM*


Decreased Cost Per Engagement*


Higher Engagement*

The Challenge

Increase engagement and drive brand awareness.

The Zam knew intuitively that video could drive brand awareness exceptionally well. The challenge was to overcome the high upfront cost of producing quality video ad creative.

We were interested in using video creative since the overall consumption of video has increased in the Facebook newsfeed. More and more brands are using video. We were experienced in setting up campaigns on Facebook, but were hesitant to start making video creative ourselves.

Outsourcing video ad production would have been too expensive, with a loss of creative control, and hiring new employees with video experience is time consuming. I heard about Shakr and used it to make a video campaign right away. The campaigns we made with those videos got the best engagement and reach by far.

Now we’re constantly adding more video creative to our campaigns by using Shakr weekly.

Yuri Hong‍ The Zam Chief

The Solution

Storytelling with video.

The Zam had a lot of behind-the-scenes footage from their photo shoots. As an e-commerce fashion retailer, they knew the importance of having great product photos, but hadn’t really started using video creative yet. And while they had a lot of raw video content, they didn’t have the staff to do high quality post-production. Hiring a full time videographer was also out of the question. The Zam chose to use Shakr to produce high quality video ad creative, using their diverse collection of edgy design styles, perfect for fashion e-commerce.

With Shakr, it’s possible to easily produce videos with high production value. Videos made using Shakr start with a strong hook that catches the user's eye when scrolling through the newsfeed. Manually making videos for each of The Zam’s products would have otherwise cost them thousands of dollars, and take a very long time. By using Shakr, The Zam can make several professional looking video ad creatives per week without going bust on creation costs, and without compromising on production value.


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