Case Study

Coupang Eats

Coupang Eats is the leading food delivery application in South Korea. They utilized Shakr Local to increase app installs by 60% compared to their BAU creative.

Delivery Service
Campaign Run

The Success

Increased app installs with location-based ads.

With Shakr's Hyper-Local solution, Coupang Eats could successfully reach each location's audience with relevant video creatives. The brand used simple single-scene creatives for Facebook and Instagram feed campaign, and as a result successfully achieved 62.7% increase in app installs.


Increased App Installs


Decrease in Cost Per Install


Increase in Click-Through Rate

The Challenge

Localized ads for better campaign performance.

Coupang Eats wanted to increase campaign performance by localizing their creatives for different districts in Korea.

The Solution

Increased creative relevance with Shakr Dynamic Geo Ads.

They turned to Shakr to create a video localization campaign that increased the relevance of their creatives with a Shakr Dynamic Geo Ads campaign. The creative was tailored around the campaign objective of getting new users to install the coupang eats app.

This was achieved by urging people to order something to eat near their current location. Location is an important parameter for food delivery businesses to optimize for. Their audience can only order food from restaurants close to where they live or work, so establishing trust that food delivery apps can deliver the food their customers want based on where the audience is, is an important marketing tactic to deploy for a brand like Coupang Eats.

Dynamic Geo Ads

Serve unique video ads in all your target locations.