Case Study


Fashion marketplace retailer YesStyle saw a 178% increase in in return on ad spend by adopting Shakr's video DPA solution for TikTok. By combining real life video shoots and programmatic product data, YesStyle could create tens of thousands of high quality TikTok DPA assets to increase their campaign results and sales conversions.

Campaign Run

The Success

Shakr-made DPA TikToks proved to be a massive success for YesStyle.

The high quality creatives drove a whopping 178% increase in ROAS compared to their static DPA campaigns on Facebook, proving that programmatic DPA creatives at scale can be drive huge results by mimicking the native and organic look and feel on the TikTok platform.


Increase in Return on Ad Spend

The Challenge

Retarget viewers by using native TikTok creatives.

YesStyle wanted to run DPA retargeting campaigns on TikTok but wasn't satisfied with simple product videos. Due to the highly organic and native nature of the TikTok platform, making TikToks, not ads, at scale, was the challenge.

How could YesStyle simultaneously make sure that their DPA creatives looked and felt like real TikTok creatives, whilst programmatically inserting the right product data to efficiently make sure to retarget their app visitors with the right content at the right time, at massive scale?

Shakr is a great platform which helps us to create high quality TikTok DPA videos at massive scale. With the Shakr platform we are able to create amazing video content in a few clicks, and with Shakr’s outstanding support, our CPO have been reduced by 65% and our ROAS has increased by over 100%.

Yuki Wong‍ Marketing Manager

The Solution

Create authentic TikTok video trends with Shakr Creative Lab.

By working with Shakr, YesStyle could both use self-recorded TikTok assets, as well as utilizing the Shakr Creative Lab team's native model recordings to create high quality TikTok templates that integrated with their product catalog.

Each SKU in their catalog was plugged into one of the 4 TikTok templates at random, to offset ad fatigue, and then the Shakr video technology rendered tens of thousands of assets, one for each product.

Video DPA

Transform your catalog into a ROAS machine with high-quality video assets.