Case Study

Instyle Solar

Instyle Solar created a hyper localized campaign in Sydney that saw their Cost-Per-Lead decrease by a massive 50% compared to non-localized creatives. By creating unique videos for each zip code in their serviceable area they could increase the relevance of their ads to their audience by communicating that their areas was included in the New South Wales government's solar rebate program.

Solar Energy
Campaign Run

The Success

Hyper Localized creatives proved to be a strong marketing tactic for Instyle Solar.

By automating the production of hundreds of videos, they could drive a Cost-Per-Lead reduction of 45%. Localized creatives drove a 81% increase in CTR and 44% reduction in CPC. As an additional benefit, Instyle Solar managed to decrease the amount of leads from non-serviceable areas (Out-Of-Area) with 57%.


Increase in Click Through Rate


Decrease in Cost Per Lead


Decrease in Cost Per Click


Decrease in Leads from non-serviceable areas

The Challenge

Creative personalization at scale for Facebook and Instagram.

Instyle Solar was looking to find new growth levers to scale their paid marketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram by utilizing creative personalization at scale to both take advantage of the benefits of personalization, as well as limiting their campaigns to areas they serve.

Our business is massively dependent on finding users and prospects within specific geographic regions. Shakr Local at Scale has provided us the features to better serve those users with location dependent dynamic creatives. Since launching this feature not only have we approximately doubled our ROI, but we have seen a huge reduction in leads generated outside of our service area. In combination, this has led to a massive improvement on performance with Facebook Ads.

Tehbyn Nova‍ CMO

The Solution

Shakr Local at Scale targeted different zip codes to increase campaign results in social media.

By asking the audience they were targeting if they lived in their zip code and letting the audience know that their location might enable them to qualify for the 2020 New South Wales Solar rebate program, Instyle Solar could substantially increase their campaign results on Facebook and Instagram.

By using Shakr Local at Scale, Instyle Solar could easily create more than 200 videos targeting different zip codes and set up a scaled campaign with 48 ad sets to increase their performance.

Dynamic Geo Ads

Serve unique video ads in all your target locations.