Case Study


Halodoc is the leading health-tech platform in Indonesia offering tele consultation with verified doctors, medicine purchase & delivery, hospital appointment booking services and lab services. Halodoc's agency M&C Saatchi Performance wanted to take their client to the next level by creating dynamic videos based on the nearest hospital for their audience and used Shakr to do it.

Campaign Run

The Success

Brand awareness through dynamic ads.

Leveraging this dynamic ads solution, M&C Saatchi Performance and Halodoc were able to serve hyper-localized and targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram showing creatives containing the closest hospital to the targeted user through geolocation targeting and hundreds of personalized video creatives.

Upon clicking on the ad, the user was taken to Halodoc’s platform to book an appointment. By leveraging Shakr Local, M&C Saatchi Performance and Halodoc could achieve strong performance increased and localization at scale will be an ongoing marketing strategy for both entities going forward.


Improvement in Cost Efficiency


Increase in New Users


Lower CAC than BAU Channels

The Challenge

Increase new users by raising awareness of the booking service.

Grow awareness of the hospital appointment booking service in the Jakarta metropolitan area and increase the number of new users booking hospital services on Halodoc.

Over the past few months, we’ve been working with Shakr to increase brand awareness for Halodoc in the Indonesian market. By providing Shakr with just few static images and elements, they were able to create impactful dynamic video ads which combined with the Shakr Local solution for Facebook and Instagram drove a 18% increase in new app users. We’re very happy of the results achieved and look forward to leveraging the Shakr capabilities in the future.

Neha Gupta‍ Senior Manager of Social & Search at M&C Saatchi Performance

The Solution

Personalized video ads for mobile users.

M&C Saatchi Performance and Halodoc collaborated with Facebook Marketing Partner Shakr to create personalized, mobile-optimized video ads. By using static assets (such as zip codes, names and images) of relevant hospitals in the Jakarta metropolitan area, Shakr enabled M&C Saatchi Performance to create a video template with dynamic fields to automate video creation at scale.

The campaigns were set-up via Shakr Local, through the Facebook Ads API and targeted by location. The ads showed users the closest hospital available for consultation and allowed them to book an appointment on the Halodoc platform.

Dynamic Geo Ads

Serve unique video ads in all your target locations.