Case Study


World leader in the ceramic industry design sector, Tecnografica merges their design expertise with technology to create premium wallpapers and decorative panels. The wallpaper designs are inspired by many different atmospheres and subjects making them the perfect compliment to any kind of interior.

Campaign Run

The Success

Easy ad creation for Facebook video ad campaigns improved audience reach.

Tecnografica Italian Wallcoverings saw an 108% increase in online requests and 199% increase in average video ad reach on Facebook using Shakr video templates. With the Shakr Start plan, they had thousands of video templates to easily create beautiful ads for their Facebook video ad campaigns.


Increase in online requests


Increase in Facebook Ad Reach

The Challenge

Improve creatives for better ads and social media presence.

Starting from 2018, Tecnografica chose to boost their digital communication capabilities. They created a new communication plan based on improving the usability and scope of their website, social media presence and advertising.

Being able to promote our products on social media through the different video templates created by Shakr allowed us to overcome our competitors in terms of digital marketing and helped us position ourselves in the higher level of the market, from a digital authority perspective.

Stefano Lamberti‍ CEO

The Solution

Thousands of professionally designed video templates.

By incorporating Shakr's video templates into their digital marketing workflows, Tecnografica was able to quickly create attractive and modern video ads. This new speed allowed them to create a video for every event they participated in and every new technical finish they launched at a moment's notice.

The professionally designed video templates offered in the Shakr Start plan gave them the quality in their videos to grab the viewer's attention and in turn, encouraged the viewer to focus on the messages and CTA's in the video ads.


Create stunning mobile-first videos in minutes.