Case Study

Anyang Halla

HL Anyang is a professional ice hockey team based in Anyang in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. It is one of the founding and current members of the Asia League Ice Hockey (ALIH). Formed in 1994, it is the oldest professional ice hockey team in South Korea.

Campaign Run

The Success

Creative On-Demand Video Ads Fuel Brand Value Surge

Thanks to the Shakr, our brand value was able to be higher than expected.

· 2022. 1. 16. Game Day post → 839 views / 93 likes
· 2022. 9. 17. Game Day post → 10,175 plays / 467 likes
· 2023. 3. 28. Birthday post → 20,986 plays / 829 likes

Game day, Line-up, Score template posts: Uploaded every game. (Approximately 150 times)

Player to watch, Highlight, and Birthday template posts: Uploaded on specific days or if necessary. (Approximately 50 times)

The Challenge

Building Brand Awareness in a Competitive Market

As a professional sports team, they sought to increase their brand awareness and engage with fans in a more dynamic and compelling manner. Traditional marketing methods were not delivering the desired results, and the team needed a fresh approach to connect with their target audience effectively.

We were able to provide game reports, events, and news to our hockey fans around the world with decent and various video templates as quickly as possible. In just one year, our Instagram page has grown from views under 1,000 per post to views over 20,000 per post.

With Shakr, we were capable of generating tremendous exposure to hockey fans and potential customers. None of this would have happened without Shakr!

The Solution

Shakr's Creative Solution Drives Engagement

To tackle the challenge of limited brand awareness, Anyang Halla turned to Shakr's Creative On-Demand Solution. This innovative platform allowed them to create dynamic and eye-catching video ads for various occasions, such as game days, player birthdays, and game highlights. The personalized and engaging content crafted through Shakr's platform helped the team to capture the attention of their audience and increase their brand value significantly.

Creative On-Demand

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