Case Study


FiLGOOD is one of the first Happoshu type beers launched in the South Korean market. FiLGOOD provides numerous options for people who are looking for a reasonably priced beers. With OB Brewery's technology, FiLGOOD provides an excellent experience with their high quality Happoshu.

Campaign Run

The Success

FiLGOOD utilized Shakr Dynamic Geo Ads for their brand awareness campaign.

By utilizing Shakr Dynamic Geo Ads for their brand awareness campaign on Facebook and Instagram, FiLGOOD, a major Korean beer brand increased their audience’s purchase intent by a whopping 31%.

FiLGOOD localized their assets for 50 of the largest areas in Seoul and Incheon by uploading their TVC asset into Shakr and layered on localization messaging that mentioned the area where their audience was.


Increase in Purchase Intent


Increase in Overall Purchase Intent


Increase in Purchase Intent in Target Audience

The Challenge

To optimize existing TVC assets into mobile friendly creatives.

While the client's product is mainly be purchased offline, their target audiences were spending most of their time online. As a solution, FiLGOOD wanted to optimize their existing TVC assets into mobile friendly creatives to increase online engagement, then into offline conversion.

FiLGOOD is a brand that mainly targets audiences in their 20s, who are active on mobile platforms. As a product that is mostly purchased offline, the brand needed an online optimized ad to lead the users into purchasing the product.

And as a solution, with Shakr's Hyper-Local Dynamic solution, we could easily distribute custom creatives for each location. With this solution, that effectively combines both Creative and Targeting, we could experience a very meaningful improvement in the purchase intent.

Donna Park Brand Manager

The Solution

Increase engagement with viewers by including location names.

Shakr converted client’s existing TVC assets into mobile optimized creatives and helped them run a localized campaign for 50 locations.

The Dynamic Geo Ads solution allowed the client to easily distribute a more relevant creative to each location. By including the location name in the creative's first scene, the client could create more engagement with the viewers.

Dynamic Geo Ads

Serve unique video ads in all your target locations.